Ecommerce Manager App – Main functions

Managing e-Commerce is not an easy task. An online store owner knows best how much work it takes. That’s exactly why you need an e-Commerce manager app!

Whoever is in charge of the business has to be aware of the orders that went right, the orders that didn’t work out, and even the ones that haven’t been paid yet! You have to create coupons, plan promotions, and register new products, some with 4 variations or more.

So much to do.

Yes, there are apps for Woocommerce to help with that, but only one that does everything to manage your e-Commerce store.

Dashcommerce is the alternative that will meet most of your needs. Information at your fingertips is the main motto of the app.

Sale Notifications on e-commerce manager app

A feature that definitely gives a lot of joy to e-commerce owners is the sale notifications.

Especially in the beginning, listening to the coins falling into the piggy bank gives the most wonderful feeling!

Once you’re selling 30 orders a day, it might even get a little tiresome to hear that sound every time you make a sale.


Sales and Revenue Report

The main screen of the app gives the user an overview of their sales and revenue reports.

Right at your fingertips, you’re able to see how many sales were made on that day. Rolling further down you can check the sales from the previous week and month.

Dash reports which products were the top-selling by day, week, and month, which comes in handy for better stock control.

This screen of the app also gives access to a summary of orders and their statuses.


Order Management like a PRO

The Order menu shows details of each order in a practical and easy manner.

You can filter orders by their statuses: for example, filtering by “pending” gives you a summary of people that haven’t concluded their order yet.

Simply by clicking on each order, you’re given every detail about them: payment status, date of order, purchase price, client’s name, freight rate, delivery address, chosen products, and payment options.

You even get the option of getting in contact with the client right away: with just one click, you can immediately contact your client through WhatsApp, SS, or even a phone call.

There’s also the option of adding a tracking code to an order.


Product Management on e-commerce

Dash provides the user an easy visualization of all products on the same screen. The Products screen is an easy and dynamic way of including products, as well as editing its descriptions and photos right on your cellphone – without having to access the WooCommerce panel to do so.

Basically, if you don’t feel like going through a prolonged process of taking pictures, then sending them to your computer, and only then uploading them to your website, Dash is the app for you.

Also, one of Dash’s features not found on other WooCommerce apps is Product Management for both Simple and Variable products

To make it crystal clear, from the app, you’re able to:

·        Register simple products

·        Register variable products

·        Add variations to a product

·        Change the product’s picture

·        Change the product’s title/description/specifics

Insights for more sales

As stated on our website: “Concentrates all the important indicators in one place”

Insights are the tab in which you’re able to check how your business’ revenue has been varying over the last 30 days, as well as the average revenue by day of the week.

This is very useful information because it lets you plan your business strategies in a way that suits what’s really happening with it.

For instance: if you know on which day of the week people are less prone to buying, you can plan more aggressive marketing strategies accordingly.

You’re also able to check the number of clients by day, as well as the average number of orders by day of the week for the last 30 days. This allows you to compare the total sales revenue with the number of orders of the period, for example.

For a view of the long run, there’s data about the last 6 months of your business. First with revenue, and then with numbers of orders and items delivered, both showed monthly.


Google Analytics for more data

A lot of business owners have trouble understanding Google Analytics’ data. Although they need to understand and use that information, nobody has to be a BI expert to do so.

DashCommerce gives you an overview of Google Analytics’ more essential information like real-time data, and of the number of orders by whichever period you feel like knowing about: current day, the previous day, last 7 days, last month, last year, and so on.

The app also provides useful information taken from the accessible/visible/reachable (?) data, such as:

·        Number of active users

·        Conversion rate

·        Number of pages visualized

·        Rejection rates

·        Sources of the website’s inside traffic

·        Percentage of new users versus returning users

·        Top 5 most visited pages

·        And much more

Coupons for your store

DashCommerce has a specific screen for coupon management. There’s an overview of all coupons ever created, and how many of them are active and available for use. The ones with unlimited use are shown with an infinite symbol.

There’s absolute freedom while creating coupons. You’re able to choose:

  • Kind of discount
  • How many times it can be used
  • Combination with a free freight rate
  • Expiration date
  • Individual or combined used
  • The minimum order value for it to be used.

Multiple Stores e-commerce manegement

An ideal feature for agencies, and anyone managing more than one e-Commerce, is that it gives an overview of all of your clients’ performances.

On the main screen, you’re provided with the sum of all of the stores’ revenue, finished orders, liquid revenues, and average sales tickets between all of them.

Other than the combined information from every connected store, there’s an individual report for each one of them. This lets you understand which stores are having the most or the least revenue, thus helping with your decision process.

In addition to revenue, the same information is provided for the number of orders, average tickets, sold items, liquid revenue, and freight rate.

This screen also allows you to manage the store’s users’ permissions, letting you choose which kind of access each different user from the same store is going to have.

Settings on Dashcommerce

Settings give you the freedom needed for making the app perfect for you.

You’re able to allow or block notifications for new orders, status changes, store reports, and sales. There’s even the option of filtering from which stores you want to receive each notification, so you can keep a closer eye on specific clients for instance.

Adjustments give you the option of choosing between Dark or White Mode, connecting new stores, editing or deleting them, editing your profile, connecting different clients to specific stores, changing the language, and reading the app’s latest news.

You can also open support tickets, have access to the Help menu, report bugs, and suggest new features.

A very useful feature is the Broadcast Message. It lets you send an instant message to all of the stores you have connected to the app, making it easier and more dynamic to share urgent information, such as the unavailability of the support system for some period.

Finally, we can’t recommend enough that our users use Suggest a Feature as often as they can! DashCommerce in an app in continuous improvement and any insight of yours that you feel could make your e-Commerce managing routine better is more than welcome ????

Dashcommerce will be your best e-commerce manager app

Now that you know (almost) all of the features that DashCommerce has, you probably have a way better idea of how helpful it will be for you on a daily basis.

There’s no doubt that it’s the most complete app when it comes to e-commerce management, having pioneered functions such as managing multiple e-commerces stores from one place.

It is compatible with all types of devices, both on IOS and Android.

The app highly values the security and preservation of customer data: we don’t store any data on our servers. All of your data is downloaded every time you ‘log in’ to the platform.

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