Intelligence and insights for your e-commerce.

Manage your business like a PRO.

Push Notification

Track your sales in real time.

We will notify you as soon as each sale is made. All you have to do is install our plugin in your store.


Only metrics that matter.

See the most important charts of your business and gain insights.

Business Intelligence

Insights at your fingertips.

Have you ever wished to have an A.I. Analyst looking over your business 24/7? We are building it for you. It will give you precise recommendations and warnings about your operation.


Your store dashboard on your wall.

White Label for Agencies

You can manage multiple stores in just one place. Encapsulate our technology in an app with your branding and sell it to your clients.

Your own brand and identity.

Focus on your business, leave the rest to us.

Have your own app published in App Store and Play Store.

Exclusive dashboard for agencies, all clients in one place.

Improve your customers loyalty to your business.

A new source of revenue for your business.